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This Week in Hot Chicks – NSFW

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The Biggest Comedy Playlist Ever!

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Do you LOVE stand-up comedy? I mean REALLY LOVE IT??

Then this link is for you.

Biggest Comedy Playlist Ever has a fantastic collection of stand-up comedy that you can stream and listen to for free. And they seem to have something from everyone! George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Eddie Izzard, Richard Pryor, George Lopez, Steve Martin, Joe Rogan, and about 55 pages more of other performers.

Check it out – and enjoy!


New McCain ad tries different tactic

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Slipping further behind in the polls, the McCain campaign released a new ad designed to highlight the senator’s qualifications.

Funeral Barn

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Further proof that death provides an endless pool of comedic inspiration…

Script for De Niro’s restaurant ad uncovered

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Nobu - where  the endangered species list is also the menu!

Nobu - where the endangered species list is also the menu!

It was recently reported that Robert De Niro’s restaurant, Nobu, was serving endangered tuna. Now it seems that despite the outrage from many animal rights activists, the restaurant is embracing this controversial approach to fine dining.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Here is the script for the new radio ad that De Niro will be recording soon.

We tried to confirm if Mr. De Niro had read this script, but the general consensus is that Mr. De Niro doesn’t read scripts anymore.

How ya doin’? I’m famous actor Robert De Niro.
Are you looking for a truly unique dining experience?
Then come on down to my restaurant – Nobu – where
the endangered species list is also the menu!

Our appetizers include Baby Sea Turtles on the half shell,
Koala Bear Casserole and yummy Panda Puffs.

Our mouth-watering entrees feature Penguin A La King,
Stir Fried Meerkat, Stuffed Monkey and Baby Seal Parmesan,
just like mama used to make.

If you’re really hungry try the freaking buffet which features African pachyderm cutlets, Puma burgers and Chinese River Dolphins on a bed of fresh greens.

But if you are one of those Greenpeace pansies who don’t
appreciate exotic cuisine, we also offer more common fare,
like Chipmunk Chimichangas, Hamster Pâté, and our
delicious Kitten Kabobs.

So join me, Robert De Niro and all the other rich folks at Nobu, which I think is Japanese for ‘Tastes like chicken.’

Bon appetit.

WEDIT – Radio 100

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Tune in the radio station that plays “portions of your favorite songs” – for people on the go. This was originally featured on Tonight on the Radio.

Woody Allen classic – The Moose

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