Richard Pryor


We’re coming up on the third anniversary of the passing of a legend. Richard Pryor was much more than just a brilliant stand-up comic. He was a writer, actor, director, activist, he did it all.

Here is his biography from his official website. Be warned, the site requires you to be 18 or older to enter, due to potentially offensive language. If bad words scare you…stay away.

You couldn’t be alive in America in the 1970’s and not know who Richard Pryor was.  And for good reason.

From Stir Crazy

From See No Evil, Hear No Evil

His filmography.


Billy Ingram has the history of The Richard Pryor Show.

Richard even showed us what it would be like for America to have a black president – 25 years before it happened!

His Wikipedia page.

CNN’s obituary.


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