A Collection of funny pictures.

It’s Monday and you are feeling a little down…I know how it is.

But we have just the thing to make you feel better!!

Here is a real potpourri of images. Some of them are real, some are doctored but all of them are funny.


This is how I feel on most Mondays….


When I first viewed this next image, my initial thought was, “Poor bastard, I know the feeling. I’ve eaten McDonald’s food too.” But then I looked a little closer and realized, wait a minute! He’s not throwing up! He tried to drink a strawberry shake with a helmet on!! What an ass!! And then I laugh.


This one speaks for itself.


Synchronized Swimming + Freezing Water = Funny Picture


This next one might have been even funnier as a before/after shot of the world’s youngest werewolf. But the Doublemint thing works too.


When it comes to inspirational posters, this one has it in spades.


This is just wrong…I can only image what they did with the Pluto ride.


Here’s a sure-fire way to feeling better!


Even in nature…Mom’s have their favorite child.


This one scores extra credit for being both funny and creepy!


Ah, the 80’s. What the hell were they thinking??


This may have been taken at last year’s Christmas party.


And finally….rock on!

young-metal-headHappy Monday!!


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