This Week in Hot Chicks – NSFW

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Those Silly Folks at MSNBC

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Everyone loves a good puppet show!

Failed Beer Run

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Here he is…The Drunkest Guy in the World (he’s more likely deep in the throws of an ether binge, but he clearly has BEER on his remaining mind).

American Idol Shocker!

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american-idol-judges copy

(Hollywood, CA) Following closely on the heels of reports that Paula Abdul was being replaced by Ellen Degeneres on American Idol, FOX Television announced today that Peter Griffin will now replace Ellen Degeneres.  And word is he’ll do the show naked.

“It makes much more sense from a synergistic point of view,” said a FOX spokesperson. “Neither knows anything about music, but at least we can promote Family Guy during the show. “

Aerosmith Spontaneously Burst Into Dust On Stage

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(via wire reports)

In the middle of performing Sweet Emotion at the West Wyoming’s Cattle Drive and Rock Fest, the entire band of Aerosmith spontaneously burst into dust. Their instruments tumbled to the stage in a cacophony of feedback, before roadies rushed in with several industrial sized pans and brushes.

“At first I thought it was part of the show,” explained one audience member. “But it seemed like an odd time for the effect, what with Steven Tyler in the middle of a back kick.”

“I guess they were a bit older than we thought,” observed another.

One for the ladies…

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Last century (1999) we had a website on Freeservers where we posted some of our material. I was stunned to discover it is still up and running.  So here’s a blast from the past…


manufacturer of health and beauty aides

“The #1 consumer
product of 1999″
Feminism Weekly

Product Engineer, Chet Uncus shows how easy it is
to change batteries on the VIBRA-TRON MAX

Ladies, let’s be honest,
Who needs a man?

Certainly no woman who owns the VIBRA-TRON  MAX 5000!!!

Powered by a
hummin’ Cummins Diesel 600
Featuring 2050 lbs of torque @ 1200 rpm,
you can count on power to spare!

Stop by a RITCO direct dealer for
an in-store demonstration!

“I’m Fat and Nobody Likes Me” by JankstarrK

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